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General Steel is one of the most recognized names in the industry for top-quality pre-engineered steel buildings. Thousands of companies and individuals throughout the world rely on General Steel metal buildings for anything from small storage buildings to giant sports arenas. If you want a quality metal building system from a proven industry leader, look no further than General Steel.

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1510, 2014

How Stainless Steel Changed Architecture

There’s many different types of steel used in construction. Whether it’s creating steel buildings, structures, or other feats of architecture, steel is used just about everywhere nowadays. Stainless steel is one type of steel commonly used in architecture. If you’ve ever seen the St. Louis Arch, you’ve seen the power of stainless steel in all its glory. Let’s look at how stainless steel has changed architecture for the better and whether or not you may find it in a pre-engineered building.

While steel buildings may incorporate stainless steel into the design in certain areas, they aren’t entirely comprised of this material. Stainless steel has its purposes, but it’s not specifically […]

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910, 2014

Why a Steel Building Should Be Considered for a Home

Many countries around the world are looking towards using steel building as homes to ease population concerns. China, for example, is starting to invest in steel apartment complexes and communities designed with steel to help. These communities are built from almost exclusively steel, ranging from homes to shops to everything in between. As other countries turn towards steel building to be used as homes, it’s only a matter of time before Americans do, too.

A steel building home can be designed just like any other type of home. It can include the rooms you need, full bathrooms, attics, kitchens, dens, and more. Just imagine what it’s like to design the […]

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310, 2014

Leftover Steel from Buildings Makes Great Art

With more of the world looking for ways to go green, it seems that everywhere you look someone is finding a way to repurpose just about anything. Steel is no different. Steel, like concrete, asphalt and other building materials, can be used for more than just to build. If you’re an artist, the green movement has spawned a variety of interpretations of just what art is and what artistic materials you can use to make it.

Steel has become a blessing and a curse for artists. Steel structures, leftover steel, melted steel and every scrap left behind and taken to the junk yard can be used as a way to […]

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