General Steel Buildings

Over the past two decades General Steel has become the leader in pre-engineered steel buildings across the U.S. and the most recognized brand in the industry for top quality American made buildings.

With General Steel you will find an example of virtually every type of steel building application because our team has worked on thousands of successful projects of various uses and purposes. Take a look at a few of our recent projects and note which building features you like in particular so our team is sure to provide you with the perfect steel building.

Getting Started Choosing Your Steel Building

Choosing to erect a steel building isn’t easy. The overall investment in creating a building from scratch can be expensive, frustrating and take more time than you wanted, but it is the process. When you’re getting started with a steel building, there’s several steps you’ll follow to get it started and erected. Here’s some of the steps you’ll follow.

Designing and Permitting the Building

Once you know what type of steel building you want, you’ll work with a designer or architect if the building is very complex to draw up plans on what it’ll look like inside and out. Once you approved the plans, you’ll want to work with city officials in your area to get the required permits for your building. Every city will be different, so it’s important to get the right permits to ensure smooth construction from start to finish.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor

Another choice you’ll have to make is whether you erect the building yourself or choose a contractor to do it for you. For larger buildings, going with a contractor is key to success; for smaller ones, you can do it yourself. Many steel buildings come with self-erect kits, which allow you to build with your own hands. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to erect a small steel building.

Once you’ve made a decision between doing it yourself and hiring a contractor, you’ll move to the land stage. If you own the land or rent it, you may need to clear it to make room for your building. This is another task dependent on the size of the land and building to be erected. If it’s a large piece of land, hiring someone to clear it will be much easier than doing it yourself. If it’s a small piece of land, you may not need anybody at all to help you clear it or it may not need to be cleared at all.

The General is Here to Help

General Steel is here to help you through every step and hurdle you come across when choosing a steel building. Whether you need help deciding what type of building you want, securing permits, or anything in between, we’re here to help you make the right choice for your building.